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AppData Reports

AppData U.S. Online Gambling Report - $595.00

The AppData U.S. Online Gambling Report is a detailed look at the world of online gambling from the data scientists behind AppData. Ranging from real world gambling for money to fake money gambling apps, the Online Gambling Report is a definitive data source for all your market analysis needs. Key points include:

  • Detailed deep dive on the online poker market
  • Sheldon Adelson and his impact
  • 2014 in depth by the numbers - reality versus forecasts
  • Analysis of key phone gambling apps over time
  • The impact of smart phones
  • How U.S. Economic growth and the drop in oil prices has impacted gambling
  • Legislative overview with State by state coverage of key gambling issues
  • Licensed for single user reading; multi user licenses available on request
  • Political party biases pro and con towards gambling
  • Forecast for the online gambling market in 2015, 2016

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AppData Products

AppData Monthly - $595.00

AppData Pro is a great subscription plan for Individual developers, analysts, or investors tracking a single app or market segment. A Pro subscription includes:

  • Leaderboards for apps and developers
  • Facebook app MAU / DAU estimates
  • iOS app revenue estimates
  • Historical metrics for all platforms
  • Limited data downloads
  • Competitive analysis reports
  • Single user access

    AppData Pro Monthly is billed automatically each month.

AppData Prepaid - $2,995.00
Includes all features of AppData Monthly. Anticipate a long term use for AppData? Pre-pay 12 months and save over 50%. When your year is over you can pre-pay another 12 months or automatically revert back to the monthly plan.
  • 1-user license
  • 1,000 total csv exports per month
AppData Enterprise - Call for Pricing

AppData Enterprise is the ideal subscription plan for teams of developers, analysts, and investors who track multiple apps and genres and want a long-term perspective on user behaviors and market trends. An Enterprise subscription includes:

  • All AppData Monthly features
  • Competitive analysis reports
  • Master developer profiles
  • Multi-user access
  • Custom feeds and alerts
  • Custom reporting and analysis options
  • Limited data usage rights

Please email our Sales Team or call (747) 221-6215 for more information.

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PageData Products

PageData Pro Monthly - $495.00

PageData Pro is a great subscription plan for individual marketers, advertisers, and developers tracking performance of a single brand and its competitors. A Pro subscription includes:

  • Access to all historical data for all Pages
  • Facebook Likes growth metrics
  • Daily PTAT counts
  • Engagement data for all active Pages
  • 10 Engagement Data Requests per month
  • Single user access
PageData Custom - Call for Pricing

PageData Enterprise is the best plan for social media agencies and managers tracking several brands. An Enterprise subscription includes:

  • Access to all historical data
  • Facebook Likes growth metrics
  • Daily PTAT counts
  • Engagement data for all active Pages
  • Custom engagement data requests
  • Data downloads
  • Custom reporting and analysis
  • Multi-user access

GPlusData Products

GplusData PRO Monthly - $9.95

GPlusData Pro is the in-depth analytics subscription that lets marketers, advertisers, and social media professionals gain insights into their audience, optimize their activity and see their results.

A GPlusData Pro Subscription includes:

  • Tracking up to 10 Google+ users or pages
  • Demographic data: country, relationship and gender distribution
  • Post engagement by hour, day or day of the week
  • Most influential followers and who doesn't follow you back
  • Download and print your tracked pages reports
  • Monthly newsletter with new feature updates and more!
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